Managers / Referee/ Timekeepers


The WCHL offers the following to its teams

  • Affiliation with the “Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association” is available
  • Please consider signing up with CARHA for some basic additional insurance.
  • 2021-22 SEASON: 32 game season and 2 playoff games guaranteed.
  • Season starts 2nd week of October.
  • Playoffs beginning in March.
  • Two qualified officials and timekeeper each game.
  • Goalie bank.
  • Official reports, standings, etc.
  • Individual prizes & awards. (league finalists)
  • Championship trophy.
  • Team championship photo.
  • Limited # of carded players allowed. (Ask us for details)
  • No games starting later than 10:00 pm.
  • Teams seeded in proper calibre.
  • Web site with up to date info.
  • Contact us with your team web site.

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